My mum (Delia) was born in England of Irish parents. My dad (Herbert) was raised on a farm in Moorestown, New Jersey. They met while he was on a tour of duty in England with the US Air Force, fell in love, married, and brought me (Gary) into the world at St. Mary’s Hospital in London in August 1953.

We lived in Cirencester, in Gloucestershire, for a few years, then sailed to America on the Queen Elizabeth on the strength of my dad’s promise that he would find us a place to live that would remind mum of "home.” He did, in Haddonfield NJ.

As a boy, I looked forward with great anticipation to the birthday and Christmas packages that would arrive from relatives in England. They always contained the most wonderful gifts … and sweets (= candy)! As the oldest of seven children, I got to choose first (Geo. Bassett & Co’s licorice allsorts!)

Although I acquired an American accent, I never lost my love for all things British, especially football (= soccer), rugby, cricket … and pork pies. And I grew to share my mother’s love for gardening, and especially for roses.

In time, these interests led me to start a landscaping business called The English Gardener. (The plot thickens!) This also led me to realize that precious little in the way of goods from Britain was available in the mid-Atlantic region of the United States.

So in May 2007 we opened The English Gardener Gift Shop on a side street in downtown Haddonfield, in the smallest retail space in town. Two years later we moved to a much larger retail space on the main street (Kings Highway) where we stock over 3,000 items from the Old County and the colonies – “All the Best from the British Isles."

We invite you to browse our Web site. (We hope you will buy!) And if you ever find yourself in Philadelphia PA, please stop by The English Gardener Gift Shop, across the river in Haddonfield NJ, and say ’ello.

Gary Patrick Coleman
The English Gardener